• Andi Callen

My 10 Style Icons - The Britpop Princess

Natalie Emslie of Manchester's hottest new act, The Red Stains, is the latest to share a personal Top 10 with MANCANDI. This time it's the style icons who have influenced her the most. Expect Bobby Gillespie, expect Richey Edwards, expect Bratz dolls! Back up. What was that last one again?

Photo: Andi Callen Photography

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Coming soon more My Top 10s from Esther & Matt - Deco Records, Chris Bridgett - Dub Sex / Cold Water Swimmers, Jay Taylor - Night & Day Cafe / Goldblade, Nidge Luhg Sanders - Trust A Fox Photography, George Unitt - Tinfoils and Sterling Kelly - The Red Stains.

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