It's always interesting to find out a little bit more about somebody involved in the music business. Whether they are a performer, label owner or venue manager, they'll all have their own favourite moments, influences or experiences, which can be a little dry when teased out in interview form. 

So we reached out to a number of people around the industry for their personal Top 10s and let them choose the theme.  


Next up is Natalie Emslie, self-styled Brtipop Princess - Lead Singer of another of MANCANDI faves, The Red Stains, with over 2,200 followers on Instagram (@thebritpopprincess). 


One of the most sartorially elegant on the scene,  Nat shares the Top 10 Style Icons that have shaped her look as she and her band strive to make the world a more interesting place.

 Photo: Andi Callen Photography 

 Some interersting choices in the list but no surprise who kicks of the list but one Richey Manic.

Richey Edwards - Manic Street Preachers

Richey charmed his way into the top of my list and my heart with his big eyeliner covered brown eyes, hairspray, Dorothy Perkins blouses and leopard print. Nobody looks as cool as 1991 Richey Edwards did. (PS: If there’s any men that look like him...please make urself known so you can be my lover 4ever!)


Bobby Gillespie - Primal Scream

If I were a man, he is everything I’d want to be! He’s Scottish, a Celtic fan and he can pull off the wildest of clothes. Some people may have noticed the similarity of my polka dot shirt/leather trousers/bowl cut combo with a certain Mr Gillespie!


Bret Anderson - Suede

Silky shirts and leather jackets. Taking elements of 70s Bowie-Esque Androgyny, the contents of an ashtray with a few of your mothers blouses never looked so good!


Courtney Love - Hole

The lady who inspired a whole generation that a nightie and a tiara is a total rock n roll look!


Vicky Pollard

My list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate Queen of the Scheme. I don’t care what anyone says Vicky Pollard had a full on look! Love a Kappa tracksuit and gold hoops bigger than my future!


PJ Harvey


The woman that told me clown chic is a goddamn look. The subversive fairy godmother of 90s music with her blue eyeshadow and red lippy! Special appreciation for the pink jumpsuit at Glastonbury 1995


Anna Nicole Smith


The “Marilyn Monroe” of the 90s, She broke many a taboo of the fashion world. Anytime I see her, I just want to go crazy with peroxide and put on my brightest red lippy! She also loved anything pink and leopard print too!!!


The Spice Girls


(I loved them so much, my mothers waters broke while “Wannabe” played on the radio! Thanks to these ladies for paving the ways of “Girl Power” teamed with sparkles and platform boots. They showed everyone you could be glamorous, girly and stand up for feminism! A common misconception that you can’t be both.



Jarvis Cocker - Pulp


He makes tweed suits and sandals look cool! His outfits may have been dug from pits of the oxfam bargain bins but he rocked it. The true king of britpop!


Bratz Dolls


I think most girls my age wanted to be a Bratz doll at some point. Well, I still do... All I’m going to say is that I owe a lot of who I am to Bratz Rock Angelz!

The Red Stains debut single Mannequin is out now on all Digital Platforms