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Track Listing


You're Mine



A New Love Song


Drowning In The Shallow End

Night's Arm

Under Your Skin

Slowly We Escape

Running Time: 38 mins

Ist Ist - Architecture (Kind Violence Records)

Nearly 6 years after forming the debut album is finally here from Manchester's finest exponents of dark brooding soundscapes. That may sound like a long time for a band to get their shit together but doing it organically, without label or management support, has allowed them to polish and revisit their sound, so what we get here is infinitely better than their early recordings. Except that the bulk of this album is not entirely new to the listener. The first five tracks have already been released as the A New Love Song EP back in March, with Nights Arm (2016) and Silence (2017) having been re-recorded during the studio sessions at Big City Jacks recording studio in Bury. That only leaves 3 new tracks to complete the album. However that doesn't detract from the sheer quality of this LP.


Augmented by the addition of Mat Peters in 2018, adding keyboards and a second guitar, we now have a band who are finally capable of fulfilling their destiny and mixing it with the big boys, toe to toe on their own terms. The very fact that its taken so long to see the light of day, blinking furiously like a new born child greeting the world for the first time, to quote Sum 41,it's all killer and no filler. What struck me on the first listen is that it has been constructed specifically to be a vinyl release, 5 tracks each side, old skool.







For Fans Of: Editors, Interpol, Joy Division