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It's always interesting to find out a little bit more about somebody involved in the music business. Whether they are a performer, label owner or venue manager, they'll all have their own favourite moments, influences or experiences, which can be a little dry when teased out in interview form. 

So we reached out to a number of people around the industry for their personal Top 10s and let them choose the theme.  


Next up is DECO RECORDS, a South Manchester based Independent promoters run by Esther Ford and Mat E Critchley. Championing only the best bands across the North West, the name is a reference to the previous independent record shop the pair ran, but now they're fully devoted to promoting new music [just like MANCANDI].

As they explain "We operate ethically and put on well thought out strong line-ups of complementary artistes to help support their development creating events that are easier to promote for everyone involved."


Since selling the shop and setting up the gigs, the pair recruited some helping hands in the form of Macauley on the scouting and booking side of things  The Twitter & Instagram content is provided by Dave from music-is-my-radar.com and Dan, who previously worked in the shop with them.  Dan is a professional photographer and does a lot of their live photography and videography, including the video montage below.  

Chances are that Deco Records have already promoted your favourite unsigned NW band in one of the many eclectic bills they put on in 2019, featuring 99 bands including; The Red Stains, Blanketman, The Dolly Shakes, Chupa Cabra, Gravves, Richard Carlson Band, Alex Rave & The Sceptical, The Sewer Cats, Slap Rash, Thee Windom Earles and Tinfoils, all MANCANDI faves.


2020 started really strongly, with gigs with The Battery Farm and Pagans SOH, the latter an amazing sell out at Night & Day Cafe, also featuring Slap Rash, Tinfoils and the band with the best name currently on the scene, The Bethlehem Casuals.

They've compiled a Top 10 tracks from bands who they've promoted in the last year, that they think you should hear. And a pretty strong set of tunes it is too. Click on the band name for info.

Deaf Deaf Deaf  – Vanilla (3:56)

Post Punk

Jungle Boys – Forest (4:16)


Springfield Elementary – Machine Fiend (2:59)

Psychedelic Punk

Swine - They Hate Us (2:55)

Music for the Fools Britannia

MOLD – Eyelids (3:24)

Absurdist Bop-Rock

Aughra – Blue Light (3:57)


The Liars Club – Street’s A Madhouse (2:22)

Hard Rockin’ Amigos

Monsoons – Social Media Scum (5:27)


Yammerer – Airport (3:56)

Psychedelic post-punk

Bleach Boy – Lonesum (5:32)

Ferociously raw and intense post punk

For rescheduled and other upcoming shows as they are published please like Deco Records on Facebook

Check out their highlights video.

Video by Dan Holderness 


Soundtrack "Call Of The Abyss" by Tinfoils