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My name is Andi and I've been around music in various roles, pretty much all my adult life. I played drums in a punk band called The Milkfloats in my native Hertfordshire in 1978, well we did one gig anyway supporting Siouxsie & The Banshees!

I've managed bands, DJ'd, driven the tour van, sold merch and one night I even got to be John Robb's guitar tech, when they supported Rancid at Nottingham's Rock City.

I cut my writing teeth with my fanzine, WUSS and was music editor of Bradford University's monthly magazine. I was also one of the original music reviewers when Rocksound Magazine first started back in 1999.

I moved to Manchester in 2001 and the first band I saw after arriving was The Fall at The Footage & Firkin on Oxford Road. Since then I've racked up hundreds of gigs in venues large and small. A couple of years ago I took the decision to stop watching all the old bands of my youth every time they played in the city and started to explore the many smaller bands and venues, with which Manchester is richly blessed.

Rekindling my interest in gig photography has given me many opportunities to get up close and personal with some really exciting artists in the past couple of years. I decided to start this site to help give them more exposure, whilst giving me a creative outlet for my images and somewhere to share my thoughts.

My friends and family back home christened me 'Manc Andi' when I used to visit as they thought I had lost my southern accent. I believe it also works on the 'Manc And I' (like Withnail And I) level to describe my relationship with the city as an adopted son.


MANCANDI will primarily focus on Indie, Alternative and Punk artists from Greater Manchester and the NW.


Each month we'll bring you interviews and reviews featuring the best new and emerging talent the region has to offer, whilst at the same time covering any touring bands that take our fancy.

There will be a comprehensive gig guide to what's coming up across the network of venues across Manchester and beyond. If you've got a gig coming up then let us know about it. We'll list it and who knows we might come and review it if we can!

We will give a listen to any new artist who sends us their music. If we don't like it we won't write about it. We're all about the positives at MANCANDI, however if you're an established act we'll give it to you with both barrels if you deserve it.

As well as interviews with musicians, we'll  feature other players in the industry, such as Promoters, Managers, PR Companies, Record Labels, and Venue Owners etc.

To help fans going to live shows, we are compiling information about all the venues across the region. This will include access information for disabled fans, how to find out about show times, age restrictions and photography policies.

If you want to get in touch about any aspect of the site, send us music (or money!), tell us about any gigs coming up or simply tell us we're Great/Shit [delete as applicable] we'd love to hear from you. 

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